KO-LEKCJE an animated history of Polish design. EPISODE 1: First Polish „Designers", il.: Adam Wójcicki, via: https://www.facebook.com/lekcjekolekcje/photos/a.104507831453858/104507644787210

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Ko-lekcje, ONTO Design Studio

How come the Zakopane Style engaged both local craftsmen as well as architects and artists arriving from cities? How much (dis)comfort did Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński experience thanks to Stanisław Wyspiański? What contributed to the success of the Polish Pavilion at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 1925? And what is the actual origin of the Polish avant-garde?

These and many other questions are answered by the “Ko-lekcje” series. Even though the animated story of the Polish design starts with the illness of Witkiewicz senior and ends with the outbreak of World War II, it is told with much verve and humour. The first three episodes are available on the website http://ko-lekcje.pl/, and their authors have already announced new ones.

The “Ko-lekcje” series is produced by Kaja Nosal and Anna Wręga from ONTO Design Studio, with the content consulted by Anna Demska. The episodes are directed by Bartek Świderski, and illustrated by Adam Wójcicki.

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KO-LEKCJE an animated history of Polish design. EPISODE 1: First Polish „Designers”, il.: Adam Wójcicki, via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01iLOKZM6OU&feature=emb_title

Stranger Than Kindness: The Nick Cave Exhibition, Cave Things, Nick Cave

In the middle of the pandemic, at the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Nick Cave opened his exhibition “Stranger Than Kindness”, sponsored by Gucci. Eight rooms at the Black Diamond complex serve the artist to summarise the last 50 years of his life using private belongings, sound installations, drawings and literature.

And now Nick Cave – a musician-institution – has opened… an online souvenir store. As he says, “Cave Things is situated beyond merchandise but stops before art. (…) When the pressure of song writing gets too much, well, I draw a cute animal or a naked woman or a religious icon or a mythological creature or something. Or I take a Polaroid or make something out of clay. I do a collage, or write a child’s poem (…) or do some granny-art with a set of watercolour paints. Cave Things is a shop that sells playful, therapeutic, mysterious, subversive objects that sits in a place entirely of its own.”

The exhibition “Stranger Than Kindness” has been extended until 13 February 2021.

Cave Things is open 24/7.

Nick Cave, Cave Things, źródło: https://cavethings.com

MOMENT: Redefining the Brand Experience, FRAME

“What we care about when designing is employing a layered style to present information. Our belief is that what seems, at first glance, to end with a question mark will often reveal itself, on closer inspection, as ending with an exclamation mark. The same is true for how the customer’s awareness of the interior expands gradually, eventually encompassing the entirety of the project. This experience becomes highly memorable when repeated time and again,” Hisaaki Hirawata and Tomohiro Watabe, the owners of the MOMENT design studio, wrote. 

MOMENT: Redefining the Brand Experience is a selection of designs by the Tokyo-based company, an overview of their projects, design strategies and the way they design experience. From luxury fashion brands, through temporary retail spaces, all the way to cafés, restaurants and department store interiors. This richly illustrated album, including both practical descriptions of the projects and theoretical speculations, covers the entire spectrum of activities of the designers from the MOMENT studio.

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„MOMENT: Redefining the Brand Experience”, by Masaaki Takahashi, pub. Frame Publishers, 2020, via: https://issuu.com/framepublishers/docs/mom_webbook_150dpi_issuu


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