The medium is the message and the brand is the medium

Paraphrasing Marshall McLuhan’s famous phrase: “the medium is the message”, it is safe to say that today the medium is the brand. Therefore, existing communication should be redefined. The brand itself should generate exceptional content.

Art branding

We have it on paper! (All about really good magazines)

Stanisław Jerzy Lec said that “window onto the world cannot be covered up by a newspaper”. There is a great deal of truth in this, especially with regard to the period in which the poet lived and worked.

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Brand World Reflected in Display Windows

What can we see in a shop window? Our reflection and/or consumption desires. In both cases it depends on a brand (in the first one also on the light). Because behind the glass, there can be the brand’s sparkling, intriguing world or withered artificial flowers and a plastic elephant.

Art branding

Visual field. 2 – Carpaccio or eating with your eyes

Think about how many less or more recognisable brands or huge and small companies come to mind whose names include the word “art”, either in English or in its Latin version “ars”, as a prefix, suffix or interfix. Some of them can really be associated with artistry, sophistication, sensitivity (including the aesthetic one) or brilliance and acuteness. Most, however, similarly like in the world of actual art, represent an average level at best. And there are also those being as far away from these values as possible.

Art branding

Artistic Race & the Art of Polishing vol. 3 – New School of (Avant-Garde) Artistic Directorship

Porsche is an example of a brand that perfectly knows how to stay on the right track. It has a distinctive image. It is consistent, can expose its assets, but also appreciates its fans and builds a community. Marriages with art are difficult to find here, but this is slowly changing, too – as exemplified by Porsche’s two recent projects that embed the brand in the world of the younger generation. After all, there is no need to mention heritage to hosts of loyal enthusiasts who hold every detail of these vehicles in true reverence. But even Porsche has to infuse a bit of new blood into its image.

Art branding

Artistic Race & the Art of Polishing vol. 2 – New York School of (Cultural) Tuning

The status of boutiques such as Bodega, Union LA, Concepts, Undefeated, Notre or KITH in the United States or .END, Slam Jam, Sneakersnstuff and Dover Street Market in Europe is undoubtedly higher than that of a typical clothing shop, even if it boisterously calls itself a concept store. After all, we live in the era of social media, and street culture has been thriving for almost two decades, becoming a showroom of avant-garde which – taking into account its almost academic position in the fashion and art world – is not even a true avant-garde any more.

Art branding