(Un)common Ground

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Art and Business Conference

Raffles Europejski

(UN)COMMON GROUND is a space prepared for a substantive meeting of art and business.

Among other, the forum of international experts aims to facilitate understanding of mutual needs, identify and visualize objectives, trigger and enhance better communication between the apparently distant spheres. The concept is to showcase and embrace the essential touchpoints of both areas and the reciprocity of benefits stemming from such a powerful, bilateral co-operation. Both in the area of public relations, philosophy, and its socio-economic aspects.  The insights from our keynote speakers, who successfully build tangible global connections between the worlds of Arts and business, shall enhance the results of a practical debate on how to overcome the operational, communication and analytical hardships identified.

ERGO Hestia, with its Arts Foundation (Hestia Artistic Journey Foundation) has been successfully building a thriving co-operation model with business. Hence, we understand and acknowledge the reality where business and Arts’ reciprocal contribution comprise an immense value, especially, while ensuring a complementary  exchange of mutual values and competences. .

The way we understand Arts show how powerful it may be as a development tool for the business organization, yet can trigger fostering its top-notch values. During the event we aim to share the best of practices and functional solutions of this innovative approach incorporated globally

Special Guests

Nancy J. Adler

McGill University, Canada

Fellow of the Academy of International Business and the Academy of Management, the International Academy of Management, member of the Royal Society of Canada. Professor Emerita in Management at McGill University in Montreal. She conducts research and consults for business as well as government organisations worldwide on global leadership, cross-cultural management, and on the links between arts and leadership.

Professor Adler has authored and edited over 150 works, including “Team Management Revolution: New management strategy to win international competition” and “Leading Beautifully: The Creative Economy and Beyond”. She received numerous awards, including ASTD’s International Leadership Award, SIETAR’s Outstanding Senior Interculturalist Award, the YWCA’s Woman of Distinction Award, and the Sage Award.

Nancy J. Adler is also a visual artist. Her works are held in various collections around the world. One of her exhibition was named ‘Reality in Translation: Going Beyond the Dehydrated Language of Management’.

Ann Hindry

Renault Group

Director of the Renault Art Collection since 1996. Art historian, critic and art curator. She studied political science and art history in France and USA and worked as a critic in New York in the 1980s. Translator of Clement Greenberg’s magnum  opus: „Art and Culture”, editor-in-chief of the Artstudio magazine, Paris (1990-1996). Author of books and articles such as: „Renault et l’art” (2000), „Renault la collection. De Doisneau à Dubuffet” (2009), „L’art est dans la ville” (2012). Lecturer in modern and contemporary art collection. Ann Hindry is an officer in the order of „Arts and Letters” of the French Republic.

Laine Kristberga

Riga Business School, Riga

Scholar, art critic and academic lecturer at various higher education institutions in Riga, including Riga Business School, where she has developed and taught the ‘Art and Business’ course for 7 years.
Author of numerous publications dedicated to the subject of art. Her interests and research areas cover art in the Socialist period, intermediality studies, sustainable business practices in creative industries and others.


Ewa Łabno-Falęcka

Since 2000 in charge of communication and external affairs at Daimler AG Group in Poland (mainly Mercedes-Benz Polska and Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland). Acknowledged by the industry on numerous occasions, is the awarded winner of the ‘Golden Arrow’, ‘PRoton’, ‘Thinking Outside-of-the Box’ (twice); nominated for European Excellence Award (twice); ‘Businesswoman of the Year’. A member of Superbrands Council and Women's Congress's programme council. Co-Founder and the first chair person of the NGO Global Road Safety Partnership (2006-2010) and the chair person of the Society of Friends to MoMA in Warsaw (2008-2012). Awarded with the honorary distinction for the "Merit to the Transport of the Republic of Poland" (2014) by the Minister of Infrastructure in Poland and the Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (Verdienstkreuz am Bande der Bundesrepublik Deutschland) (2019).

Kamila Bondar

President of the ING Polish Art Foundation and curator of her collection. Culture manager, editor of art books, like „Art in our age” and „Snowman in the fridge”, collaborator of the Raster gallery (2008–2015) and Lado ABC label (2011–2013). Producer of the international art festivals Villa Reykjavík, Villa Tokyo and Villa Toronto. Previously associated with Reuters (2001-2007) and BNP Paribas (2007-2014). A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and CEMS (Community of European Management Schools).

Igor Gałązkiewicz

Branding strategy analyst and consultant, expert in fostering brands’ strong identity and designing customer experience. Operates at the touchpoint of marketing, arts and design. Currently, also a Chief Marketing Officer at Anegre and Creative Director at Plato. Published the Art Branding and Designing Experience. For several years in charge of sponsoring, communication and custom projects at the Grand Theatre-National Opera in Warsaw. Creative spirit and curator of OperaLab project, and many displays of architecture and design. A keynote speaker. A regular art and marketing columnist of the Monitor Magazine L’Officiel and L’Offciel Hommes.

Magda Bulera

Market expert with 20+ years of unique international experience in luxury and lifestyle, with strong expertise in business and a personal interest combined with practical experience in the art world. Magda has a proven track record of developing and managing projects for some of the world’s most iconic brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Hennessy and Raffles. She is skilled at creating engaging partnerships between brands and arts which allow both to flourish. 

MA, Faculty of English Adam Mickiewicz University. MBA, Wielkopolska Business School The Poznań University of Economics. Speaker and teacher at SGH Warsaw School of Economics, University of Warsaw and VIAMODA University in Warsaw.

Igor Bloch

Art historian, graduate of the Courtauld Institue of Art, specialising in the Polish post-war and modern art. Since May 2018, he manages the Art Collection of the Hotel Europejski, one of the most interesting private collections, and develops the Art Concierge programme devoted to the guests of Raffles Europejski Warsaw.

Dorota Roesler

Head of Business Development and Marketing at DWF Poland. Experienced senior professional with a consistent track record of achievements in designing marketing strategies, development schemes for strategic clients, reputation and communication insights. Expert in business analysis and CRM – ensuring growth by building long-term relationships with clients both in Poland and globally.
A genuine enthusiast of the in-company art branding models, sharing her expertise as a curator of the corporate art collection at DWF Poland. A founder and creative director of an art & business project DUETS/DUETY 2020 designed to promote art, mostly by sharing with the wider business audience the legacy of the old-masters when juxtaposed with the inspirations of the new-generation artists.

Viola Wojnowski

Founder of the OP ENHEIM Foundation in Wroclaw. Entrepreneur, co-owner of Womak Holding SA. Member of the board of the German-Polish Foundation for the Protection of Monuments. She lives in Berlin, Wroclaw and the smallest village in the Western Sudetes.

Wojtek Wieteska

One of the most renowned Polish photographers who composess photos, conducts visual conversations, constructs novels and essays. Wojtek also develops advertising and social campaigns as well as various projects for state-run institutions.
Graduate of the Faculty of Cinematography and TV Production at the Polish National Film School in Łódź, as well as art history at the University of Warsaw and the Sorbonne University in Paris. In 2015, he defended his doctorate in visual arts. He has 19 years of experience as a university lecturer. His works were exhibited at the Manggha Center of Japanese Art and Technology (Kraków), Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle (Warsaw), Yours Gallery (Warsaw), Fotoplastikon in Warsaw, Atlas Sztuki Gallery (Łódź), The Warsaw Rising Museum, Leica 6x7 Gallery (Warsaw).

Jacek Sosnowski

Curator, managing the Propaganda Gallery, organizer of the Warsaw Gallery Weekend. He has implemented a number of pioneering art branding projects for comanies such as Dom Development, Sawa Park, NYX, Świat Książki and others.

Magdalena Kąkolewska

President of the the Hestia Artistic Journey Foundation, Art Branding Director in STU ERGO Hestia SA. Graduate of law and art history, educator and lecturer. In 2013-19 Magdalena and the Foundation Team organised 49 exhibitions of young artists’ works. In her activities she promotes the concept of the art-based education in business environment and supports young talents entering the arts world.


Raffles Europejski Warsaw

Raffles Europejski Hotel in Warsaw boasts a top-notch location at the very heart of Polish capital city. Designed by Enrico Marconi, built in 1857, soon became the top venue to hub thriving social life in Warsaw.

In June 2018, more than 160 years since its 19th century heyday, Hotel Europejski reclaimed its place and historic legacy within Raffles Hotels & Resorts as the 3rd European Raffles hotel, past Paris and Istambul, to boast glowing experience. Its lavish and elegant interior is decorated with great pieces of Polish contemporary art underpinning the local identity of the Hotel located along the prestigious Royal Route; overlooking the Warsaw Old Town and The Saxon Garden. The combination of Europejski Grill, signature restaurant catering for the gourmet tastes of modern Polish and international cuisine lovers, Long Bar inspired by the iconic bar at Raffles Singapore, Humidor, Lourse Warsaw patisserie, premium ballroom and Raffles Spa & pool redefines luxury.


ERGO Hestia – The Mecenate of Culture

ERGO Hestia is one of the largest insurance companies in Poland. In the past 29 years gained the reputation of the most innovative financial institution nationwide. ERGO Hestia offers a wide range of property and life insurance, yet the axis marking its business development goals is technology. The Company applied the Top Security Standard, to ensure successful recognition of customer needs, accurate selection of security scope and compensation scheme.
The long-standing support of cultural, social and sport projects is one of ERGO Hestia standards and part of its corporate DNA. The company launched an art-branding programme to blend with its company culture, just to mention the Annual Report design. For the past 6 years the outline and creative concept of the Reports results from a co-operation with young artists, the winners of the Hestia Artistic Journey (APH) Special Award of the ERGO Hestia President – Mr. Piotr M. Śliwicki.

Hestia Artistic Journey Foundation (Fundacja Artystyczna Podróż Hestii)

Hestia Artistic Journey Foundation has a well-established position of a curator, supporting promotion of the young Polish artists. Among other, by organizing the nationwide annual competition of Hestia Artistic Journey (APH) which is open to Arts students, regardless of their art faculty, across all academic entities in Poland. The competition kicked-off in 2002, as a sparkling initiative of Mr. Piotr M. Śliwicki, the President of ERGO Hestia Group.
Consequently, the Foundation fosters career development of the APH Competition finalists and winners by displaying their work to the wider audience in the most reputable galleries and cultural venues in Poland, but also acts as a liaison to facilitate purchase of their artwork by private art collectors. The works by winners and finalists of consecutive editions are regularly displayed at the dedicated exhibitions held at the ERGO Hestia Art Pavilion in Warsaw (Kostrzewskiego 1).