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Samsung and the tv of the future

Established in 1938, today Samsung is a leading South Korean business conglomerate, associating product- and service-based companies from a number of sectors.

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Author: Lizaveta Stecko, Anna Palacz, Translation:
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The key group affiliate is Samsung Electronics, one of the largest electronic brands in the world. Currently, it has about half a million employees in 58 countries. In 2018, the company’s income reached the record amount of USD 208.5 billion. Samsung Electronics is on the top ten global brands, and its products are recognised for their quality, innovative character and design.

In 2017, Samsung launched its new product: The Frame TV. The unique feature of this device lies in the fact that it serves not only to watch TV: programmes, films, series, news or sport. It was designed to resemble an elegant, modern picture frame. Moreover, thanks to the Art Mode and perfect image resolution you can admire your favourite paintings, graphics and photographs from the collections of renowned museums and galleries worldwide that collaborate with the Samsung. In the specially designed online Art Store there are more than 1,200 items available, including works from the Hermitage, the Madrid-based Prado or the Albertina in Vienna. The Frame TV is to break the stereotype of TV watching perceived as “an unsophisticated activity”, transforming it into an aesthetic experience which promotes interaction with high culture.

Not only does Samsung promote classical painting “in the frame”, but it also reaches out to the urban space and art of the streets. However, as a brand from the new technologies sector, it adds to the street art the component of new media. In 2018, during the Art Berlin Fair the company invited 5 international street artists, who implemented their projects – murals or installations – in the capital of Germany. Yet, there was more to that: Samsung users who were enjoying the new artworks in Berlin could also experience them in the AR (Augmented Reality) technology thanks to the special app on their smartphones. The virtual artworks complemented the message of those who were physically placed within the city space, taking art viewing to a completely new level.


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