I don’t draw trends. An interview with Anna Halarewicz

About fashion, luxury and art. About the neverending need to create and the post-German bunkers. Maja Wolniewska talks to Anna Halarewicz.


Balenciaga – luxury rebellion

The luxury fashion house founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1917 is truly triumphant nowadays. The Spanish designer managed to revolutionise fashion and introduce innovations which no one before him had dared to try, and his philosophy continues to inspire generations of successors of his idea.

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Everything in Excess or How Each of Us Has a Private Kobazan to Bear

Each of us has a Kobazan to bear. Though we may not realise it, we live in very demanding times: social media invented an ideal world, full of the hygge philosophy and beautiful interiors, not to mention the cult of the perfect body.


Aristocrats’ horses and doggy named Kluska. Jan Bajtlik × Hermès

A world-class fashion brand has established cooperation with a young Polish artist. What are the effects of such cooperation?

Art branding

Design x Virgil Abloh – design ‘quotes’ as a part of brand identity

Believe it or not, when Raf Simons stated that his designs are derivative and do not bring innovation to the world of fashion

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KAWS is a New York-based who is most famous for his unique toys.