Boeing 787 Dreamliner, LOT.

LOT and famous posters

In 1928/29 two private airlines in Poland, Aeroflot and Aero merged to create LOT, the Polish national airline, which makes it one of the world oldest and still operating carriers.

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Author: Lizaveta Stecko, Anna Palacz, Translation: Dostępny
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Today, LOT has 85 airplanes, operating at 120 routes. In 2019, the airline carried nearly 10 million passengers. The company is also a member of the prestigious Star Alliance group.

The logotype was created a year after the company was founded, by Tadeusz Lucjan Gronowski, the winner of the graphic design contest. The artist focused on such aspects as elegance, simplicity and reduced forms by designing the sign of a crane in flight. This rare bird symbolises strength and stability, but also longevity. In 1970s two Polish designers, Roman Duszek and Andrzej Zbrożek, developed a complex visual identification based on the typography of the name LOT. Nevetheless, they kept the original Gronowski’s crane silhouette by embedding it within the letter O. When LOT was planning to replace the old logo with a new one, it raised a lot controversy not only among the employees, but also among wider public.

PLL LOT „Half a century in the Air”by Wenerski, 1978; source
PLL LOT poster by Jerzy Przygodzki, lata 60; source
PLL LOT poster by Janusz Stanny, lata 70. (reedition); source
PLL LOT poster by Janusz Grabiański, 1973; source

Gronowski’s project is a great example of a great design that remains up-to-date and of high value for almost 100 years!

From its very beginning LOT has been engaging artists to create its outstanding promotional posters. The most recognised posters were designed in 1960s – the artistic peak of the Polish School of Posters, internationally highly acclaimed at that time. The artists who worked for LOT included Janusz Grabiański, Stanisław Łuckiewicz, Wiktor Górka, Janusz Stanny and many others. In 2018, to celebrate its 90th anniversary LOT held an exhibition in the Warsaw Łazienki Park, where the viewers could appreciate the gems of the Polish poster design within the history of the brand.


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