Colosseum after restoration initiated by Tod's.

TOD’s and monument protections

TOD’s is an original brand from Italy that specialises in manufacturing luxury shoes, recognised for their quality and perfection in the shoemaking craft.

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Author: Lizaveta Stecko, Anna Palacz, Translation: Dostępny
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Tod’s is a family business: in the early 20th century Filippo Della Valle started a small workshop, which was later taken over and expanded by the next generations. With time, the company introduced or acquired new brands, turning into a group controlling Tod’s, Roger Vivier, Hogan and Fay brands. The company regards itself as a symbol of Italian lifestyle – the combination of tradition and innovative approach.

TOD’s finds its key obligation in preserving and promoting the national heritage. In 2011, the company declared to support financially the restoration of the Colosseum in Rome – the Italian landmark. After five years of extensive works, the structure was more imposing than ever, free from dirt and patina. This action had a significant impact on the brand’ perception and awareness: apart from placing the information on the TOD’s and Colosseum’s websites, the brand’s logotype was to be seen at the back of each ticket to the amphitheatre. With the 5-6 million visitors annually, TOD’s visibility has grown considerably all over the world.

PAC Milano – a contemporary art center working with Tod’s.

Cultivating the tradition of supporting the Italian culture, the TOD’s Group is a proud sponsor for the annual events in the PAC – Milan’s Contemporary Art Pavilion. The building itself has a long and complex history, having been bombed during the war and by the Italian Mafia as well, yet it was brought back to life each time. The PAC offers a broad range of activities and exhibitions, promotes sharing the knowledge about contemporary art and hosts renowned artists from around the globe. PAC is devoted to research and experimentation, exploring topics less familiar to the audience.


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