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(Un)Common Ground – the first art branding conference

How is culture changing the way business is conducted? How to build a brand’s cultural capital? How to effectively communicate a brand through art? These questions will be answered by Polish and foreign experts during the world’s first art branding conference – (Un)Common Ground. It is organised by the Hestia Artistic Journey Foundation acting under the patronage of ERGO Hestia.

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Art and Business Connected for Perfecting the New World

The vanguards of tomorrow are brands that build their business capital alongside their cultural capital. The wise use of the values and language of art allows for a multidimensional upgrade of business functioning in every field, including communication, marketing and management. The pandemic has only underscored the importance of this premise, and this is why art branding is one of the most interesting and effective business strategies today.

Art branding is based on a clever, creative, and at the same time efficient and effective relationship between art and business. It helps to build brand cultural capital and a lasting relationship with the target audience. It helps to communicate more than just a product – it communicates shared values, that nowadays are becoming the cornerstone upon which modern business is founded.

On 18 June 2021, the world’s first art branding conference will take place. The event will be attended by experts and practitioners from Poland and abroad, who will share their experiences and demonstrate how business has changed over the past year – and how, in the face of these changes, to effectively use the values which art represents.

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One of the most important challenges for brands today is building sustainable communities. In a changing world, this can only be done on the basis of shared values. These are conveyed through art and culture.

In the first part of the conference, lectures will be delivered by special guests: Vadim Grigoryan – partner and marketing director at LUNU, founder of Spirit + Spirit, former creative director at Pernod Ricard, and Igor Gałązkiewicz – strategist and consultant in branding, author of books “Art branding” and “Projektowanie doświadczeń” [Designing experience].

In the debate following the public appearances, moderated by Bogna Świątkowska, the topic will be further elaborated upon by the following speakers: Kamila Bondar (ING Foundation), Igor Bloch (Raffles Europejski Warsaw) and Aleksandra Krasny (White & Case).


A strategy which precisely communicates the brand identity is an instrument for building sustainable relationships with the audience. Its effectiveness is determined by a shared language and clearly defined objectives. How to build a brand identity that will not become obsolete in the new reality? Giovanni Schiuma – a lecturer at the Art and Business Institute University of Arts London, and Ann Hindry – a long-standing curator of the Renault art collection, will address this topic in their presentations in the second part of the conference.

In a debate on contemporary strategies for building brand identity, moderated by Magda Bulera, the following will take part: Dorota Roesler (DWP Poland), dr Ewa Łabno-Falęcka (Mercedes-Benz Polska) and Viola Wojnowski (Womak Holding, Op Enheim Foundation).


The modern brand must also be a creator. A creator of market trends and the needs of its audience. Products are becoming part of pop culture, image is becoming a lifestyle, and the brand becomes part of the image. The cultural capital of a brand is the foundation of audience engagement. How to successfully create a business reality? Why can’t art be merely decoration? This will be explained by the forerunners of contemporary creative trends: Mih Miachalski – co-founder and CEO of, Piotr Kędzierski – creative director of as well as Andrea Rurale – lecturer at the Marketing Department of Bocconi University.

In a concluding debate, moderated by Rafał Grobel, the following will participate: Wojtek Sokół (rapper, businessman, journalist), Wojtek Wieteska (photographer) and Jacek Sosnowski (Galeria Propaganda).

Reality of the Future

The challenge of the future is the complementarity and synergy of all the business operating areas. Shared values become the foundation for long-term strategies, and these are the source of creative solutions that identify brands. During the final panel discussion of the (Un)Common Ground conference, Magdalena Kąkolewska – Director for Art Branding at ERGO Hestia and Igor Gałązkiewicz will talk about building effective collaboration between art and business.

The panel discussion will conclude with a joint debate featuring the invited speakers.

Programme details, tickets and registration:

(Un)common Ground
The first art branding conference in the world
18 June 2021 |

Hestia Artistic Journey Foundation, ERGO Hestia

Partners: POLITYKA, TOK fm, Contemporary Lynx, Magazyn Presto


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