Artistic Race & the Art of Polishing vol. 3 – New School of (Avant-Garde) Artistic Directorship

Porsche is an example of a brand that perfectly knows how to stay on the right track. It has a distinctive image. It is consistent, can expose its assets, but also appreciates its fans and builds a community. Marriages with art are difficult to find here, but this is slowly changing, too – as exemplified by Porsche’s two recent projects that embed the brand in the world of the younger generation. After all, there is no need to mention heritage to hosts of loyal enthusiasts who hold every detail of these vehicles in true reverence. But even Porsche has to infuse a bit of new blood into its image.

Art branding


KAWS is a New York-based who is most famous for his unique toys.


Art branding

Art branding today is one of the most curiosity-driven communication strategies.

Art branding