Photo: „Companion” – the most famous work of KAWS


KAWS is a New York-based who is most famous for his unique toys.

Author: Lizaveta Stecko, Anna Palacz, Translation: Dostępny
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”Companion” – the most famous work of KAWS.

KAWS, that is Brian Donnelly, started as a street artist in Jersey City. He soon developed his characteristic style, adding comic characters to outdoor ads on bus stops. The artist gained recognition and fame after his visit in Japan, where he created his first COMPANION toy. The whole stock of 500 items was sold immediately.

In 2018, Kim Jones became a new creative director of the House of Dior. He began his career there from inviting KAWS to collaborate with the brand. The partnership resulted in launching a clothing collection decorated with the bee motif which characteristic for the artist. The collection included also leather bags and luxury fragrance in a bottle shaped as KAWS’ doll with components made of silver. In addition, a plush COMPANION doll, wearing a jeans outfit by Dior, was created, 500 items to be precise. What is more, a 10-metre tall doll made of 70,000 peonies and roses was presented during the Dior’s fashion show in the Garde Républicaine in Paris.

The cooperation of KAWS with Nike was born from similar views of the brand and the artist. Their common point became an aim to breaking the rules and the desire to perfectly master your own craftsmanship, as was the case with the professional path of basketball player Michael Jordan (whose name is the iconic model of Nike shoes) and Brian Donnelly. Nike sees footwear as a kind of artistic expression on the streets, so cooperation with KAWS has helped the brand find a new connection with street art.

Air Jordan IV shoes have changed compared to previous editions of the model: plastic accents have been replaced with gray suede, and the sole has been replaced with the one that glows in the dark. The Jordan IV x KAWS collection has been completed with a clothing line. And because KAWS usually doesn’t part with his 5-panel cap, the jointly designed hat became a part of Nike’s collection.


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