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Author: Maja Wolniewska, Anna Palacz Brzezińska, Translation: Dostępny
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The Impossible Collection of Bentley

When Walter Owen Bentley founded his brand in London more than a century ago, neither he nor anyone else could have imagined the strong impact his actions would have on the automotive and racing industry. Continuously since 1919, Bentley has always tried to follow the idea of ​​its founder: build fast, good cars, the best in their class. Based on this principle, the company quickly established itself as one of the best luxury car manufacturers, proving that England can also be a strong player on the international automotive arena.

The Impossible Collection of Bentley is a must-have for all motoring fans, although it will certainly also interest design and art enthusiasts. The new proposal from the Assouline publishing house will take us on a journey through the history of the automotive industry, sprinkled with English chic. Beneath the hand-quilted leather cover is a list of the hundreds of Bentley’s most iconic and ground breaking models: each with a detailed account of the history behind each individual unit, as well as explanation of the uniqueness of Bentley’s engineering. Even if you do not feel comfortable with the nuances of the automotive industry, you will surely find something for yourself, after all, the album itself is almost a work of art (white gloves are added to each copy, so you will not get the upholstery dirty… Pardon me, the cover dirty).

The Impossible Collection of Bentlay, Assouline; source

Hiroshi Fujiwara, Fragment # 2

Hiroshi Fujiwara stood out in the Harajuku community at the age of eighteen. It should come as no surprise then that he is considered the father of streetwear and generally understood “cool style” – Harajuku is famous primarily for its freedom, it is one of the few places in Japan, governed by numerous rules, where you can fully express yourself. Fujiwara took the opportunity to express himself as best as possible: first as one of the first hip hop DJs in Japan, then as a designer and influencer dealing primarily with his beloved street fashion (the sneakers he design are considered to be one of the most desirable collectibles). Fujiwara draws a handful of inspiration from hip hop, punk and skateboard culture, transforming all these elements into pure luxury, as exemplified by the artist’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton or Moncler. In addition to numerous collaborations with Western brands, Fujiwara is also active in his homeland, including the role of the head of Tokyo’s Fragment Design.

“Fragment # 2” is a collection of Fujiwara’s latest inspirations. It is divided thematically: from works of art to graphics, fashion (mainly shoes!), Through selected everyday objects. So we get a full spectrum of inspiration, we can also take a close look at one of the most interesting artistic personalities of our time.

Hiroshi Fujiwara, Fragment #2, Rizolli; source

Guide to Good Business

As the title of “Guide to Good Business” indicates, it is an ideal position for anyone planning to become a business leader. It does not matter whether you are running a start-up or a company with an established position, it is enough for you to feel the need to change. And if you are allergic to high-flown speeches and slogans like “how to earn a million in a week” then it’s great, you have the perfect book in front of you.

“Guide to Good Business” is a book that will teach you how to run your business well. It is not only about earning money and achieving success, but also about learning good practices. You will see, among others, that taking your dog to work will positively affect not only your pet, but also your well-being.  

Not only the content is selected, but also the materials from which the publication is made. Original photos and illustrations are printed on the highest quality paper. Additionally, in “Guide to Good Business” you will find room for your own thoughts and notes: yes, writing after this book is not only allowed, but even obligatory.

The Monocle Guide to Good Business, Gestalten; source


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