Brand World Reflected in Display Windows

What can we see in a shop window? Our reflection and/or consumption desires. In both cases it depends on a brand (in the first one also on the light). Because behind the glass, there can be the brand’s sparkling, intriguing world or withered artificial flowers and a plastic elephant.

Art branding

Visual field. 2 – Carpaccio or eating with your eyes

Think about how many less or more recognisable brands or huge and small companies come to mind whose names include the word “art”, either in English or in its Latin version “ars”, as a prefix, suffix or interfix. Some of them can really be associated with artistry, sophistication, sensitivity (including the aesthetic one) or brilliance and acuteness. Most, however, similarly like in the world of actual art, represent an average level at best. And there are also those being as far away from these values as possible.

Art branding