Honda: love of craftsmanship

Most of the automotive companies that exist today, have their roots in the late 19th or early 20th century. The first Honda did not roll off the assembly line until 1963. What have been the sources of the Japanese giant’s relatively late success?


An Artistic Roadmap „Art of emotions. Emotions in art”

We are living at a time of constant change – a statement so obvious that it is almost a truism. In the context of the past year 2020, which will certainly go down in history, we have also heard countless summaries, reports, reflections and forecasts of the future. From these it follows that in the post-pandemic reality (which is still ahead of us) the only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain.

Art branding

I don’t draw trends. An interview with Anna Halarewicz

About fashion, luxury and art. About the neverending need to create and the post-German bunkers. Maja Wolniewska talks to Anna Halarewicz.


Shark in the casino. Damien Hirst x Palms Casino Resort

If you have any interest in (pop) culture and contemporary art, Damien Hirst needs no introduction. He is one of the most expensive living artists in terms of the price of works. Famous, rich, controversial. A celebrity artist known both for his art and for the extravagant parties involving rock stars and supermodels. Who, if not him, could design the interiors of an exclusive hotel in Las Vegas – a city of glamour and gambling?


Georgia O’Keeffe, or artistic personal branding from a century ago

“Men consider me to be the best female painter. And I think I am one of the best painters,” Georgia O’Keeffe, one of the pioneers of American modernist painting, was reported to say of herself. Long before Instagram existed, O’Keeffe was the ‘curator’ of her own artistic persona, remarkably consistent and distinctive. She built her recognisable aesthetic brand at a time when moodboards and visual identities did not yet exist.


We have it on paper! (All about really good magazines)

Stanisław Jerzy Lec said that “window onto the world cannot be covered up by a newspaper”. There is a great deal of truth in this, especially with regard to the period in which the poet lived and worked.

Places & Travels

Everything in Excess or How Each of Us Has a Private Kobazan to Bear

Each of us has a Kobazan to bear. Though we may not realise it, we live in very demanding times: social media invented an ideal world, full of the hygge philosophy and beautiful interiors, not to mention the cult of the perfect body.